08/07/2019 - RMT condemns Scottish Government’s unhealthy relationship with Serco

large serco-logoTransport union RMT today condemned the Scottish Government’s unhealthy relationship with Serco following news that the outsourcing multinational will be forced to pay £22.9m in fines and costs following the Serious Fraud Office’s six-year investigation. Serco was found guilty of fraud and false accounting.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Once again, Serco, the specialists in failure, have been found out. Fraud and false accounting are serious offences that should make any Government think twice about using private companies to deliver essential public services.

“Yet Serco continue their incompetent handling of new rolling stock on the Caledonian Sleeper contract at RMT members and passengers expense without the prospect of any censure from the Scottish Government. And on lifeline ferries, Serco has never been required to state the profits they take out of the Northern Isles Ferry (NIFS) contract they were awarded by the Scottish Government in 2012. Despite this, Serco could be awarded the next NIFS contract in August, when MSPs are on holiday.

“Workers, passengers, and communities, especially in Orkney and Shetland, deserve the stability and certainty of a publicly operated and run ferry service, not another gamble on Serco Group’s predatory empire."