30/04/2019 - Solidarity continues campaign for British jobs

Great British Products SEOSolidarity has started phase three of a Buy British campaign. We're asking "What's your favourite 'Great British Product'?"

So far folk have highlighted Bearface lager from the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow, Norton Motorcycles and Mash Direct owned and run by the Hamilton family from Comber in County Down, Northern Ireland. One supporter with specialist knowledge of amplifiers listed Hiwatt guitar amplifiers, Lotus Europas and Mini Mokes Mark I and II. One for the musicians amongst you!

Supporters have also been calling out firms like Ben Sherman who use the union flag but manufacture in China. Sometimes it is difficult to buy British because many brands that sell on their 'Britishness' don't actually make their products in the UK. Using the Union Flag to promote goods originating elsewhere is misleading to consumers.

Do you want to buy quality products made in the UK? Do you want to support our home market and keep British workers in their jobs? Do you think it's important to keep manufacturing skills in this country?

There are some great British products out there and we, as a Union interested in keeping jobs here and our manufacturing tradition alive and well, want to promote them.

Do you have a favourite Great British Product that you want to share a picture of and tell us why you like it? Pick a product that is British owned and British made. Check it out first. Go to our union Facebook page and upload your picture and a description of the product. Maybe you want to call out a firm using the Union Flag but manufacturing outside of the UK? Tell people about it.