07/03/2019 - Buy British! The job you save could be your own!

Buy British Graphic2A comprehensive survey by global management consultancy Simon-Kucher found 68 per cent of people in Britain fear price increases for supermarket bills, petrol, package holidays and flights after Britain leaves the European Union in March.

But that worry is already persuading consumers to try and buy British goods, with 29 per cent saying they have already deliberately done so - up from 24 percent six months ago.

Whatever happens with Brexit buying British makes sense. We must grow our home market and become more self-reliant if we are to prosper.

Our union, Solidarity, is urging you to buy British. By buying British you are supporting our economy and making a real difference. You are keeping money circulating here and putting money in the pockets of workers in our country. Buying local also benefits the environment.

It's not hard to find great British beers.

McEwans has been owned by Marston's since 2017. Belhaven is owned by Greene King. There are great craft beers being produce by Black IsleBrewdog and Siren (to list just a few). Just start to ask if what you are buying is British, whether you could switch to a good British alternative to your usual foreign purchase and slowly change your purchasing habits. All it takes is a bit of research!

Experimenting with British beers could move you out of your usual habits and lead you to discover new favourites. Buy British - the job you save could be your own!

This is part of a series of articles and images to promote our union Buy British campaign. Please like and share but most importantly switch to British products made by your fellow British workers.