03/12/2018 - Families on Universal Credit face a bleak xmas

universalcreditThe trade union Unite say it will be a bleak Christmas for many families because of the introduction of Universal Credit.

In a recent survey of 1,141 people, the group found that 82 per cent had a negative view of the new benefit system.

Respondents raised issues over rent arrears and the fear of eviction.

Unite are referencing this study as evidence in support of the campaign to scrap the Universal Credit system. This is a call supported by Solidarity.

Unite’s community coordinator, Kelly Thomlinson, said: “As we head into winter, many claimants cannot afford warm clothing for themselves or their children and don’t have enough money to heat their homes. It will be a very bleak Christmas for thousands of families who are being abandoned by this government.”

Pat Harrington of Solidarity commented:

"Universal Credit aims to replace six other benefits with a single monthly payment. It's being slowly rolled out across the UK. From the start it has been beset with problems. Families have had to wait for five weeks before their first payment. Certain groups of people are worse off under the new system - such as young people and people with disabilities or long-term illnesses. Many are struggling to cope with lower payments and evictions and debt are rising. This system isn't working for the people who need it."