22/09/2018 - Over 14 million Britons live in poverty, report reveals

no-moneyOver 14 million people in Britain live in persistent poverty, a new report by the Social Metrics Commission (SMC) has found.

Of these 8.4m were working-age adults, 4.5m children and 1.4m people were of pension age.

Additionally, 2.5m residents are at risk of falling into poverty, the report says.

Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people Marsha de Cordova said: “It is shocking that under this government, almost half of those living in poverty are disabled or live with someone who is.

“This report definitively shows the devastating impact of social security cuts on disabled people and their families.”

The SMC was formed to develop a new approach to poverty measurement, accounting for the impact of “inescapable” costs such as childcare on weekly income, and the impact that disability has on people’s needs.

It also aims to include groups of people previously left out of poverty statistics, such as those living on the streets or in overcrowded housing.

The Scottish National Party has called on the government to take “urgent action” at the Budget to tackle poverty following the report’s findings.

A government spokeswoman said: “Measuring poverty is complex, and this report offers further insight into that complexity and the additional measures that can be taken into consideration.