12/05/2018 - Big Union march in London today


Thousands of people will march through the streets of London today to demand a new deal for working people to turn the tide of zero-hours contracts and bogus self-employment.

Workers will assemble at Embankment at 11am at the demo called by the TUC as part of their Great Jobs Agenda campaign.

Around 3.8 million people are in unstable employment such as zero-hour contracts, low-paid self-employment or agency work, according to TUC published figures on Thursday.

The union federation said trade unionists were “marching through London to demand a new deal for working people because we’ve had enough of the empty rhetoric from government and employers.

“The TUC is determined not to allow insecure work to become a permanent feature of the labour market. While ministers sit on their hands, we’ll keep fighting for fair pay, decent rights and a voice at work for everyone.”

Speakers at the rally in Hyde Park will include TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, CWU leader Dave Ward, Public and Commercial Services Union general secretary Mark Serwotka and Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Serwotka said before the demo: “This is an opportunity for workers across the country to come together in solidarity to demand that the government ends austerity, raises the minimum wage and pays public-sector workers properly.

“Our members in the Civil Service have had enough of the pay freeze and cuts to jobs and are now demanding a funded 5 percent pay rise.

“We will continue to talk to the government but our union is resolute and if we cannot reach an agreement, we are prepared to take industrial action if that’s what our members decide.”

CWU general secretary Dave Ward said trade unions would be making it clear that the march is the start, and not the end, of their call for a new deal for workers.

Transport union RMT is also backing the demo.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said they “will be proudly marching alongside our brothers and sisters, health workers, teachers, firefighters and the rest of the working-class men and women who are the very fabric of our society and who find themselves under attack on a daily basis.

“The time has come to end the situation where in the name of profit people pay through the nose to travel on rammed out and unreliable trains, see lifeline bus services ripped to shreds and find themselves unable to access services because there are no staff to provide disabled assistance.”