27/04/2018 - Strikers aim to shame McDonald's boss

McDonalds Golden ArchesNext Tuesday will see strikes at five McDonald's in England.


Two stores in Watford, north of London, are out—and one each in Manchester, Cambridge and Crayford in southeast London.

The BFAWU union members voted by 95 percent for strikes.

They are fighting for £10 an hour, fixed hour contracts, equal pay for young workers and union recognition.


After one-hour pickets at McDonald’s stores from 7am in Manchester, and 8am in Cambridge and Crayford, workers will move to Watford to protest at 12 noon.


Watford is the hometown of McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook. Workers hope to shame the multimillionaire who earns over £5,500 an hour.


Workers have called for supporters to join their picket lines and the protest in Watford.

One McDonalds Worker, Tristan Bentley, said:


"I know, we know, McDonald’s workers know now that if we want change then it has to come from us. We know that we can and will win change when we stand together. We will leave it a better workplace than when we entered, and we will make sure that all workers in fast food can live a decent life."

"We will rise, we will fight. We are the McStrikers, and we will not be silent, we will not be scared. We will do whatever it takes to win a better life for all McDonald’s workers."


The strike comes as insecurity in the workplace is becoming more widespread. The Office for National Statistics released new figures showing the number of zero hours contracts increased to around two million in November 2017. But the McDonald’s strikes show that workers on zero hours contracts can take action to change things.