18/03/2018 - University Strikers throw out deal and insist pension struggle continues

ucustrikeposterLast Tuesday strikers forced their UCU union leaders to throw out a rotten deal.

UCU members at more than 60 universities are striking to stop changes to their pensions. Bosses want to impose a defined contribution scheme, which would greatly reduce the value of workers’ pensions.

A provisional deal would have kept a defined benefit element - but would still have resulted in workers paying more for less in retirement. Strikers would also have been expected to reschedule lectures that were cancelled due to the walkouts under the deal.

Workers were furious and their reaction made sure the deal became no deal.

The day after they rejected the deal thousands of strikers, students and supporters marched through central London. Strikers chanted, “No deal, no way - we’re striking all the way,” and, “When we strike, we can win.”

The UCU has responded to the grassroots feeling by sanctioning 14 further days of strikes after Easter if no agreement is reached.