01/03/2018 - Beast from the East: Your Rights at Work

carstuckinsnowThe Beast from the East has brought blizzards and freezing conditions to the UK. Many workplaces have closed and because many schools have shut many workers have not been able to get to work. Storm Emma is due to hit us later so what are your rights in this type of situation? Our brothers and sisters in the GMB Union have produced this handy guide

If you are an employer we urge you to be reasonable about things and remember that people are the key asset for any business. We know that most will be.

If you need more specific advice approach your Union (us if you are a member). If you are not a member of a Union we urge you to join one whether it is the GMB, us or any other. If you are not a member and have a problem we may be able to provide limited telephone advice and give you some options. Give us a call!