28/12/2017 - More pay misery for workers in 2018

payslipPay will continue to fall for millions of workers in 2018.

A study by the Resolution Foundation suggests that overall the year ahead will see zero pay growth. That means shrinking pay for many who receive less than the average rise.

Zero pay growth would make 2018 worse than every single year in the three decades running up to the crisis.

Resolution Foundation director Torsten Bell said,

“The living standards story of 2017 was the return of shrinking pay packets—still £15 a week below their pre-crisis peak and not forecast to fully recover until 2025.

“Far from catching back up, we’ve started digging again.”

Workers broadly agree that this is the most likely outcome for the year ahead. Over half expect their pay to stay the same or fall if they remain in the same job.

Only one in seven expect an increase.

Pat Harrington, general secretary of Solidarity, commented:

"Workers face a tough 2018. Now more than ever they need the protection and support that Union membership brings. If you are not already a member of a Union I urge you to join one. I'd like you to join Solidarity, of course, but joining any Union is a wise move. If you are not in a Union you are putting yourself at a disadvantage."