18/04/2013 - Need trade union help at work?

As austerity cuts bite harder we are hearing of more and more  firms  looking to shed staff. Some are looking  for excuses and magnify minor 'misdemeanours' into a major disciplinary. We are also get increased reports of 'performance' issues being used to unfairly target employees.

If you fall victim to a heartless boss you will need help. You need someone on your side. The only external body that can accompany you in a disciplinariy (or a grievance) is a trade union. However, trade unions traditionally will not help non-members or new ones for three months.

In contrast, Solidarity trade union runs a special service for non-members. We introduced it because we were getting so many desperate phone calls from people unfairly treated at work who were not members of our or any Union. Under our scheme if a worker in trouble joins Solidarity they will can get quality advice but also, for the payment of a modest fee, physical representation.

If you need help at work then turn to Solidarity trade union!

How to Join

Solidarity trade union is proud to have helped workers, from whatever background, and from whatever industry, to obtain fairness at work. The Union will continue to help more employees as they grow. If you find yourself in trouble at work join Solidarity trade Union online now

Alternatively,  send a cheque for £96 for annual membership to or request a Standing Order Mandate form (£8 per month) from Solidarity Union, by post to Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD or by e-mail [email protected] Ring Graham Williamson on 07970 455445and we can start to help.