19/01/2013 - Unfair dismissal changes are a flagrant attack on British workers' rights

The government's plan to cap compensation for unfair dismissal is just part of a concerted attack on British workers' rights which is turning ordinary  working people into scapegoats for the Con/LibDem coalition's economic mismanagement.
In a ministerial statement the government will announce plans to introduce a 12 month pay cap on the compensatory award for unfair dismissal, following the already increased qualifying period for claiming unfair dismissal from one to two years.
The government is in the process of implementing other changes to employment law which will allow employers to hold 'privileged conversations' with employees - a move which in reality is a licence to bully.
The government will also bring in excessive fees to prevent individuals from taking claims to an employment tribunal in the first case.
Taken together these measures are a massive attack on British workers' rights on a scale not seen in decades. The truth is that the coalition is turning ordinary hard-working people into scapegoats for the government's disastrous handling of the economy.
The Tory and Liberal Democrats are trying to blame hard won employee rights at work for Britain's economic problems.
Abandoning employees rights at work will not prevent a triple dip recession or create a single job.
This government's systematic attack on workers' rights makes being a member of a trade union more important than ever before.
There is a growing culture of fear and insecurity in workplaces up and down the country. Thousands of jobs have been lost in the past few weeks and the measures the government are trying to introduce would not have saved a single one.
Report by Ian Bell