03/10/2012 - GMB target Carillion's blacklisting

The Grim Reaper himself marked the fate of thousands of construction workers at a Manchester rally in support of blacklisted health and safety reps. Forty-nine builders have been killed at work in the past year - just two less than the number of British soldiers killed in Aghanistan in the same period.

GMB members, one dressed as Death, protested at building giant Carillion's stand at the Labour Party conference in Manchester.

Carillion is just one of more than 40 firms targeted by unions over the blacklisting of workers and GMB is set to go to court for blacklisted workers and wants the firms involved to be barred from public work until they say sorry and pay up.

GMB national officer Paul Maloney said: "For far too long, vested interests have sought to ignore these discriminatory activities. We will campaign to expose these activities and call on politicians to bring social justice to the victims.

"Firms should apologise and compensate victims who have fallen foul of their illegal activities."

None of the 3,213 workers blacklisted have had an apology or any compensation from employers who blacklisted health and safety representatives. Only 194 have been informed that they were blacklisted and and none have been compensated. Construction privateers could have to pay out £600 million to the blacklisted workers.

Construction unions have long complained of employers targeting health and safety reps in a bid to save cash - making it one of Britain's most dangerous industries.

Solidarity supports the GMB campaign to see that the firms involved to be barred from public work until they say sorry and pay up.

Ian Bell


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