03/10/2012 - A new wave of strikes?

BRITAIN could see a new wave of strikes later this year.  That was the clear message from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) 2012 annual conference which was held in Brighton, Sussex, in September. 

Union leader after union leader denounced the Con-Dem Government’s policy of cuts, cuts and more cuts.  There was widespread agreement that the campaign of resistance to Cameron and Clegg’s austerity agenda should be stepped up.  Indeed, according to a report in the Daily Mail - of 11 September – the TUC AGM declared that it would “give full support to all groups of workers in the private or public sector who take industrial action against cuts or attacks on pay, jobs and pensions.”

The anger and frustration of the wider trade union movement is there for all to see.  Although the media likes to portray all trade unionists as militants, one doesn’t have to be a wild-eyed Trotskyist to be concerned at who will lose their job next.

Even when the economy is booming, very few people want to throw away a day’s pay to go on strike.  But these days it hurts even more.  However, there’s a saying that notes that ‘desperate times demand desperate measures’.  That Britain’s trade union movement is even contemplating a possible one day General Strike illustrates this. 

However, before any mass strike action is contemplated, the TUC is organising a huge march and demonstration to be held in London on 20 October.  Solidarity will provide more information about this demo in due course. 

This march and demo looks like it’ll be a big one.  At the moment, all the indications are showing that it could be far bigger than the 500,000-strong march held last year!  All members and supporters of Solidarity should support it!



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