02/10/2012 - Solidarity looks at female employment trends since the recession

Many of the recent increases in women’s employment levels have been in self-employment and involuntary part-time work, which pose a threat to their pay and job security.

While male unemployment rose fastest during the first two years of the recession, female unemployment has risen more sharply in the last two years, mainly due to public sector job losses.

The type of work women are doing has also changed dramatically over the two year period, while women in full-time employment has fallen by 170,000, nearly 200,000 more women now describe themselves as 'self-employed'.

They now account for the majority of the increase in self-employed workers over the last two years.

Although the average income for employess has risen to £18,900 per annum, the poor pay associated with self-employment has fallen from £11,300 to just £10,300 over the same period.